Work is underway at the new Falcon FBO in Dubai South. The company has signed a contract to offer premium FBO services at the executive terminal.

Captain Raman Oberoi, Chief Operating Officer, said:” Jetex, Jet Aviation and Falcon are forming the executive terminal, with separate lounges leading to a shared central area. Although it is still in its infancy, we have appointed interior designers and are on our way. We are aiming to have the FBO complete by the end of July.”

“Falcon has an area of the apron, with a helipad behind. The idea is that you can get out of your jet, pass through the FBO and get straight into your helicopter with the minimum of fuss. “ He added. When the work is finished, Falcon will offer FBO, maintenance and hangarage for business jets in Dubai South, including a wash bay.

Captain Oberoi continued: “Dubai South is a goof partner and they want to encourage local companies to compete. We are not experts in FBO work, but we do a lot of similar things. They supported us and they have faith in us. With oil prices down, the company has to look for other sources of income, so we are moving sideways.” Falcon has already developed other areas of the business, providing line maintenance for Empire Aviation Services. The team is also working with Jet Smarter for Jet Charters and with Uber for helicopter charters.

Streamlined services for energy sector

Falcon Aviation Services has secured a contract with the UAE oil gas industry to transport energy industry workers with its new Q400 NG 78 seater aircraft from its Abu Dhabi base at Al Bateen Airport to the offshore islands of Das and Zirku. The operations commenced in Sep 2015 as a result of close work between Falcon and ADAC. A long-term lease of the Sheikh Zayed Terminal at Al Bateen Airport has allowed Falcon to create efficient facility to handle 800 oil company passengers per day. In an effort to streamline the movement of oil field employees, Falcon has partnered with ARNC to provide and implement a seamless system departure control system known as Rockwell Collins’ ARINC (L-DCS).

The system uses employee IDs to help Falcon automate the entire passenger handling process, including check in and boarding efficiency and barcoding of bags for positive identification and passenger reconciliation.